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Compare and contrast prices of service providers and goods. The idea here is to be comprehensive - so let us know of good new sites or if you have any bad experiences


Compare loans, mortgages, credit cards, insurance, etc.

Gas & Electricity

Probably one of the most neutral price comparision sites. Look at it anyway. It also has a Price Change Calendar which makes alarming reading!


Site searches lots of insurers to get the best quote.


Site will check lots of insurance companies to get the best quote.

Telephone and Broadband

This is brilliant. It checks your area for the broadband services available and then allows you to compare the prices and services of the providers.

The site lists your five cheapest local petrol and diesel prices and them emails you the addresses of the garages. You can choose how often!



Google's very good shopping search engine.

Shopping Robot - helps you find the cheapest prices and stockists of the item you want.

Check prices of just about everything - from general shopping to utilities to travel, banking, insurance and more.

Compare prices and products before you shop.