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Wednesday 16th June 2021
Inside Church
Inside Church
Storrs Road Methodist Church
Storrs Road
S40 3PY

Rev Tracey Harris
Tel: 01246 274481 

Morning Service - 1045
Evening Service - 1815

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Prayer List as at 14 June 2018

Please pray for:  
  • The Methodist Church in Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.
  • The North West District of the Methodist Church in Ireland.
  • The Channel Islands District of the Methodist Church of Great Britain
  • In the Sheffield District pray for the following Churches and congregations: Dinnington in the Trinity Circuit; Dodworth and Emmanuel, both in the Barnsley Circuit; Dore and Eckington Methodist with St. Luke's Church Local Ecumenical Partnership, both in the Sheffield Circuit; Duckmanton in the Bolsover & Staveley Circuit; Dunsville in the Doncaster Circuit; Edale in the Peak Circuit.
  • The Chesterfield Methodist Circuit and its leadership, both paid and volunteers, as well as all the Churches in the Circuit.
  • Remember all those who are suffering as a result of current conflicts, particularly in Syria and Yemen as well as other parts of the world.
  • The refugees from Myanma in Bangladesh and those who are working to support them.
  • Pray for all Christians who are being persecuted for their faith in various parts of the world.
  • All old and infirm Church Members unable to attend church.
  • Christians Together in Chesterfield. Pray for the Steering Committee as it continues its work, as well as all the inter-demominational organisations in Chesterfield. Pray for the Street Pastors scheme now operating in the Town Centre at weekends and for the School Pastors scheme in Parkside School.
  • The work of Christian Education; Chesterfield. Pray that the organisation will find a new Training Co-ordinator, and more Executive Committee Members. Pray for the arrangements for next year's Procession of Witness on 27 May 2019.
  • The work amongst young people and children at Storrs Road, especially the planning for "Messy Church." The next "Messy Church" event takes place on 6 July 2018.
  • The Worship at Storrs Road as it seeks to find a new way of worshipping in mid-week. Pray for the planning of the next event on 18 May
  • A friend of a couple of church members who is going into hospital for a bone marrow transplant having been diagnosed with a form of leukaemia.
  • The Church Member undergoing tests for cancer.
  • All the other community groups who use the church and community centre for their meetings.
  • The health services on the Chatsworth Road "corridor."
  • The "Social Group" meeting each week under the name of "TimeOut Tuesdays." Pray that its numbers will increase.
  • The LifeGroup House meeting which meets about every two weeks.
  • St. Michael's Soup Kitchen in Grace Chapel, for its work in helping those in need.
  • The Food Banks in the area, as well as all the other organisations who provide food and support for those in need.