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Monday 3rd October 2022
Inside Church
Inside Church
Storrs Road Methodist Church
Storrs Road
S40 3PY

Rev Tracey Harris
Tel: 01246 274481 

Morning Service - 1045
Evening Service - 1815

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Our potted history

There has been a Methodist or Wesleyan Church on this site since the early 19th Century, and the first chapel, a corrugated metal building was opened in 1841 and was known locally as the 'tin tabernacle.' It was then closed for a while but reopened later in the Century by Thomas Irving, a local agricultural merchant. He handed the building over to the Bible Christians who did "glorious work" but it then closed again due, it is said, to the influence of false teaching. In 1892, a small band of leaders and helpers from the Old Hall Road Wesleyan Methodist Church took over the building, established a congregation and Sunday School and the work prospered. On 19 July 1899, the Foundation stone of the present building was laid and was completed in February 1900 at a cost of £1,079. The chapel was opened on 21 February 1900 with a dedication service which included the Chairman of the Sheffield District of the Methodist Church, Rev Henry T Smart.

The work went from strength to strength and during the 20th Century a Sunday School was formed and still exists. There was also a Christian Endeavor Society which continued until the 1960's. A Sisterhood was formed in 1919 which was replaced in 1990 by the Monday Fellowship. The Wesley Guild was formed in 1950 and this still continues but now meets once a month, usually on the last Monday. A Boys Brigade Company was formed in 1982, but this closed in July 2014 because of the lack of leadership. There was a Methodist Youth Club until the middle of the 1970's.

In the late 1960's the wooden schoolroom was coming to the end of its useful life and it was agreed to build a Community in co-operation with the Local Authority and other local organisations. The land was leased by the church for a peppercorn rent for 28 years on the understanding that at the end of the lease the building would revert to the control of the Methodist Church. The Foundation Stone was laid in 6 November 1971 by Mr Philip Robinson and opened on 24 March 1973 by the Duke of Devonshire. The building is now back in the control of Storrs Road Methodist Church, having been handed back on 25 March 1999 and a rededication service was held on 18 April 1999.
A new redevelopment of the church was completed in December 2006 and the church is now back in full use.

A rededication and formal opening was held on 24 February 2007 as part of the 107th Anniversary Weekend.

A major refurbishment of the Church Centre has recently been completed and was re-dedicated at a special event on 26 May 2012